October 5, 2016

Posted by Peggy Riley on 10/20/2016

Del Mar News

October 5, 2016 
Dear Families:
Here are some notes from our September 23 Parent Education meeting.
Home/school communication:
The Del Mar Middle School website has important information which includes:
1. Student/Parent Handbook which contains information about cell phone use, homework policies and much more.
2. Teacher websites which have course tabs that list students' homework assignments with other course information and links to curriculum resources.
PowerSchool grades provide information about students' work habits and performance.  Many assignments are "checked" to track whether students have completed assignments on time, indicative of motivated, responsible students committed to their learning.  Other assignments are graded to provide information whether students are understanding the course work and meeting standards. 
Grades are offline during the school day, except during advisory class periods.  Students and families will have access before and after school.
We recommend that you:
1. Check sporadically, one time per week at the most. Regarding homework and other work habits, trust your child, And use this online tool to verify!
2. Focus on aspects of "motivated learners, " i.e.: is work completed and turned in on time.
3. Talk with your child-inquire about what your child is curious about and what she is learning.
Supporting middle school students is a balancing act. Remember "SCALE": 
Support them in your role as consultant vs. problem-solver;
Celebrate their accomplishments, progress, and process as motivated learners, 
Ask and Listen so they reflect, speak and arrive at game plans and solutions,
Encourage them to persevere, conveying your confidence they will succeed with proper focus and effort. 
Upcoming Parent Education: Mark your calendars--"Raising Kids in a Digital World, " sponsored by RUSD PTA will be held Wednesday, November 2nd from 7-8:30 pm at Del Mar. 
8th grade students and their parents are invited to a presentation by the Redwood High School Principal, David Sondheim, on October 19th in the Del Mar gym at 6:30pm.
Best regards,
Alan Vann Gardner, Ed.D.,
Principal, Del Mar Middle School
For 7th and 8th grade families:  
Attached is a letter from Dr. Gold regarding the 

PTA Updates 

Join PTA for the 2016-2017 school year and enjoy this upcoming free Parent Ed event!
"Raising Kids in a Digital World," with Todd Sarner, MFT
Wednesday, November 2nd 7:00pm-8:30 pm
Del Mar School gym 
This session is appropriate for parents of kids at all three schools! No RSVP necessary.

Save the date -  RUSD Book Fair: October 24-26 at Bel Aire & October 27-28 at the Del Mar pop-up.
For more information, please click here.  If any parents or Del Mar Students who would like to volunteer at the book fair, please see the attached link for the time slots available:  RUSD Book Fair
For PTA membership, please click here

To sign up for ChoiceLunch, please click here

Don't forget to order your Spirit Wear online
Thankful Thursdays are back!  Interested in making our teachers feel special?  Please join the PTA in recognizing our teachers by providing great snacks and treats every first Thursday of the month.  To help out this week, click the following link:  Thankful Thursdays at Del Mar

Foundation Updates 

Last Chance to pre-order your 2016-2017 RUSD Directory and Smartphone App for in-class delivery. Go to www.FoundationForReedSchools.com by October 7th  to buy your RUSD Directory & Smartphone App. You will receive an email with secure login information in early October if you also purchase the Directory App. After October 7th, the directories will be available for purchase in the school and Foundation offices.