February 2020 Newsletter

Posted by 5th Grade Team on 2/1/2020

February 2020 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • February 3: Art returns to Bel Aire with Ms. Caldwell

  • February 4: Winter Fair Day

  • February 5: Global School Play Day https://www.globalschoolplayday.com/

  • February 13: 8-10:30am Children For Change fundraiser breakfast at the Lodge, more information here

  • February 14: Valentines Day and End of Tri 2 for AR goals

  • Feb 17-21: Mid Winter Break

  • March 17-20: Walker Creek Trip



As we continue reading from our Benchmark magazines, we are focusing on the essential question, “How do we decide which resources we should develop?”. Students have been taking notes in the app, Notability, as well as annotating important details in their readers. We highlight new and important terminology, as well as underlying skills and concepts that are the focus of our lessons. These include main idea with key details, author’s objective and subjective point of view, and cause and effect. 

Students should be at 80% of their Trimester 2 AR reading goal by January 31st. Mid-trimester AR reports were sent home earlier this month so that all families could have the chance to see their child’s progress towards their personal goals. The last day to earn AR points for Trimester 2 is Friday, February 14th.



This month students will complete the second half of Module 4. Lessons 13-33.  

  • Students will learn:

  • Multiplication of a fraction with a fraction

  • Multiplication with fractions and decimals

  • Division of fractions and decimal fractions

  • Interpretation of numerical expressions

Module 4 videos can be found HERE. Module 4 Parent Tip sheet can be found HERE



This month we are wrapping up our earth science unit about all things water, and will dive into the  physical science of chemistry. Students will learn about mixtures and molecules, and focus on solving the driving question: What happens when two substances are mixed together?



We are continuing with our Narrative Unit.  The students are focusing on personal narratives; real true moment stories. Students will organize a clear sequence of events, use sensory details to describe events and demonstrate appropriate writing conventions (rules of writing). 


Social Studies

Students will be studying or have studied:

  • the reasons Europeans chose to explore and colonize the world

  • the cooperation and opposing competition among various nations with the American Indians, and the factors that led to the American Indians defeat

  • the location and physical setting of the 13 original colonies


Walker Creek

We are all set to attend Walker Creek. Here is more information from the Walker Creek site. We will depart from Bel Aire Tuesday, March 17, and return Friday, March 20th, around 1pm.

There is a TON of behind the scenes work that goes into making this trip a success. If you know that your child is NOT attending, please let your child’s teacher know ASAP!  It can make a big difference in the way we balance cabins etc. In the past when students pull out at the last minute it's been a huge disappointment for those who are at camp and find out their friend would've been in their cabin but decided not to come.