December 2019 Newsletter

Posted by Ashley Williams on 12/2/2019

December 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Events 

  • December 9-20: Secret Holiday Buddy (information coming home about this later in the week)

  • December 18: 8:30-10am Holiday Concert

  • December 21-Jan 6: Winter Break

  • January 15: Deadline for parents to be approved by Livescan to attend Walker Creek

  • January 20: MLK Day, No School



Students will begin lessons in Unit 2 of Benchmark, which is titled “Cultivating Natural Resources”. The essential question is: How do we decide which resources we should develop? In this unit, students read and compare selections about cultivating food in the past and today to understand how we develop our natural resources.


Social Studies

This month in Social Studies we'll begin studying the Age of Exploration by answering the following Big Questions:

  • Why did Europeans sail to new places?

  • Who were the explorers and what did they find?

  • What explorations were made by land?

  • Where in the Americas did European countries claim land?



This month, students will:

  • Learn the key components of an effective opinion piece.

  • Review and implement strategies for writing organized essays.

  • Use a rubric to self assess their progress. 



This month, students are starting on Module 3, which covers addition and subtraction of fractions. Math videos for Module 3 can be found HERE. Math tips for parents newsletter for Module 3 can be found HERE.



Students continue to read about how the earth’s biosphere and hydrosphere are interdependent.  Water and food waste conservation are the main focus in this month’s driving question: How do humans work to protect the hydrosphere?


Walker Creek

We currently have 4 female and 6 male cabin leaders approved for the trip. We must have 6 more female and 4 more male cabin leaders in order to make this annual trip happen. The livescan process can take awhile depending on time of year. 

If you are available to spend 3 nights with us March 17-20, 2020, I highly encourage you to consider it. It is a wonderful week of environmental science and outdoor education. All of the 5th grade teachers are there too. We run the infirmary and take care of many things behind the scenes while you are with the students and teachers from Walker Creek. The staff at Walker Creek is phenomenal and every year the children come home with so many wonderful memories.

We must have everyone approved by January 15, 2020.

Please complete the livescan process if you are able to join us on this adventure.


Design Lab

  • Students will be practicing their coding skills by using the Swift Playground coding app.
  • Students will solve problems with an increasing complexity gaming format and be taught coding fundamentals.