November 2019 Newsletter

Posted by Fifth Grade Team on 11/1/2019

November 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • November 4-8: Parent, teacher, student conference week. Early dismissal daily at 12:10pm
  • Wednesday, November 6: Pajama/Onesie Day!
  • Monday, November 11: Veterans Day, No School
  • Thursday, November 14: 5th-grade percussion 2:35-3:45pm
  • November 25-29: No School, Thanksgiving Break



This month students will be focusing on the second type of writing -- opinion writing. 

  • Write an On-Demand pre-test essay to see what they know about opinion writing. 
  • Review the organization of an essay.
  • Use a graphic organizer to know how to stake a claim/form an opinion and back-up research with facts. 
  • Conduct research
  • Write a final product of a 5 paragraph opinion essay


Reading / Social Studies

Students are finishing the novel, The Sign of the Beaver, in reading. Students will discuss the concept of theme and main idea, and support their understanding of the book with text evidence questions. 



We are halfway through Module 2. The first half of this module students learned to multiply with multi-digit numbers. They will use their Mid Mod results to self assess where they are in their learning and what they need to improve for the End of Mod test. In the second half of this unit, students will learn to divide three and four-digit dividends by two-digit divisors resulting in two and three-digit quotients with remainders and decimals. Students will solve measurement word problems as well. More information HERE.


Parent-Student-Teacher Conferences 

Parent-Student-Teacher conferences are scheduled for the week of November 4th. Conferences are student-led in 5th grade and should take between 20 -25 minutes each. We are looking forward to discussing each child’s progress & goals for the year. Reminder, school dismissal is 12:10 during the week of conferences. 



Students are focusing on a new Driving Question this month: How do humans work to protect the hydrosphere? This week we build a watershed model and simulated pollution from the biosphere.  We then mimicked the water cycle and learned how pollutants are getting into our freshwater systems. Ask your child about what s/he learned about our local watershed.


Walker Creek 

Fifth graders are in need of your help for our upcoming Walker Creek Outdoor Education field trip. We currently have 5 parents cleared to go on this amazing learning adventure. The 5th-grade team must have 15 more parents (7 female & 8 males) as volunteers to be cabin leaders.  If we don’t get enough parents as cabin leaders by February 1st, unfortunately, we will not be able to go to the camp.  Click Here to learn more about what it means to be a cabin leader. 

Camp Dates: Tuesday, March 17th - Friday, March 20th