October 2019 Newsletter

Posted by Fifth Grade Team on 10/1/2019

October 2019 Newsletter

Upcoming Events

  • October 2 & 3: Bel Aire Spelling Bee 12:10-12:35pm in MPR
  • October 2: Principal Cala’s Birthday!
  • October 4: Run for Reed Fundraiser (after school)
  • October 8-9: Yom Kippur
  • October 10: 5th grade field trip to Larkspur Theatre
  • October 15-17: Bel Aire Book Fair
  • October 14: Staff Development Day: No students
  • October 16: Book Fair Family Night 4-7pm
  • October 17: The Great Shakeout (earthquake drill)
  • October 23: Picture Make-up Day
  • October 24: Bel Aire Fall Festival (details to follow)
  • October 31: Halloween (details to follow)



Students are continuing to explore Benchmark’s Unit 1 - The U.S. Constitution: Then and Now. Throughout the upcoming pieces of text they will:

  • Identify key details and summarize
  • Analyze informational and narrative texts
  • Evaluate an author’s use of language
  • Compare and contrast texts
  • Use text evidence to draw inferences

In addition, students are reading the fictional novel titled, The Sign of the Beaver. This story highlights a time of early U.S. settlers in Maine during the early 18th century. A boy, Matt, is left alone to guard his cabin while his family is away. Matt learns survival skills and befriends a Native American boy named Attean who teaches him about his culture and helps him survive. Students will discuss the setting, character traits, plot mountain, and theme, and will support their understanding of these concepts with text evidence.


Social Studies 

This month in Social Studies we'll be studying The First Americans by answering the following Big Questions:

  •     How did geography and climate affect how people lived?
  •     What common ways of life developed among American Indian cultures?
  •     How did American Indian groups work together?



This month, students are: 

  • Building a well structured 5-paragraph essay using the t-chart method.
  • Beginning informational research writing essay on a famous city.
  • Students will conclude the unit by writing a short research essay, due Nov. 1st.



This month our class will finish up Eureka Module 1: Place Value and Decimals. We have been focusing on the following: place value, rounding decimals, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing decimals. We will be moving into Module 2. In the first half of this module students are learning to multiply with multi-digit numbers. In the second half of this unit, students will learn to divide three and four-digit dividends by two-digit divisors resulting in two and three-digit quotients with remainders. Students will also learn to divide with decimals and solve measurement word problems. More information HERE.


Seminars begin on Tuesday, October 1st!  

Seminars are designed to give support and enrichment opportunities in order to meet the needs of the individual students in the fifth grade. They will be working with specialists and all 5th-grade teachers to learn about a variety of topics. Seminars will take place every Tuesday and Friday through November, giving students two chances to work in small groups to accomplish specific goals. 


Mid-trimester Reports  

We are already approaching the midpoint of the first trimester. Teachers will be sending home mid-trimester reports to all families who have children needing extra help and support in school - academics and/or behavior. This is our way of making sure parents are aware of any challenges their child may be working on as they progress towards mastery of standards. We want to be sure every child is getting the help and support needed.


Walker Creek

A friendly reminder, if you are interested in volunteering to be a cabin leader at Walker Creek, please complete the Live Scan paperwork and fingerprinting as soon as possible. If you have previously been fingerprinted within the last 2 years for RUSD only, you do not need to go through the Live Scan process again. Remember, we'll need about 10 men and 10 women in order for our 5th grade to go this year. 

  • Camp Dates:  Tuesday, March 17 - Friday, March 20th
  • New Requirement: Must get Fingerprinting through Live Scan
  • See Attached Live Scan Form
  • $70  
  • It could take as long as 2 months to process!
  • Cost per student: $352.00