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  • A Message from Superintendent, Dr. Nancy Lynch
    November 13, 2019

    Dear RUSD Families:
    Parcel Tax Passes by 73.53%!
    My heartfelt thanks go out to the community for passing Measure E which guarantees 10% of the District’s budget for the next 12 years. I am grateful to the many people who worked tirelessly during the campaign, under the leadership of Kim Sichel and Jennifer Sims who maintained a strong focus on the students of RUSD. Our students will receive the direct benefit from these funds that support exception programs and services for years to come. 
    Thanksgiving Week Recess:
    This is the first year that our students will have the full Thanksgiving week off from school, the week of November 25-29. I hope you enjoy many special moments with your families and friends.
    Parenting, Media and Everything in Between:
    Over the past several years we have provided parent education to address children's use of social media and on-line games that may be used on their personal devices. Admittedly, children are much more savvy than adults when it comes to technology, so we have provided resources to assist parents. Additionally, some of our families have chosen to sign the “Wait Until 8th” pledge, not providing smart phones to their children until 8th grade. At school, we teach students digital citizenship through lessons provided by Common Sense Media. This non-profit organization provides education and advocacy to families, promoting safe technology and media for children. They also have great tips for parents including parental controls you may consider using at home. 
    Equity Resources for Families:
    November is National Native American Heritage Month. The National Archives and other source documents provide information about the relationship between immigrant settlers and the indigenous people of America. Using the scroll bar at the top of the page you will see many interesting topics for you and your family to explore.
    Best regards,
    Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.
    Reed Union School District