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  • A Message from Dr. Nancy Lynch


    June 12, 2019

    Dear Parents and Guardians,
    As the events, celebrations and units of study come to a conclusion on Thursday, I want to express my gratitude to you for being truly engaged and supportive of your child’s school experience. Whether you are a parent volunteer who supports school programs each day; spend evenings helping your child with homework or extra skills practices and reading; encourage your child to maintain a growth mindset; or how you demonstrate and teach your child to show care, compassion and empathy for others are ways in which you impact not only the learning and growth of your own child, but of those for whom you child engages with each day. The ripple effect of what you do impacts so many.
    My wish for families this summer is to have bonding experiences, opportunities to wonder, hours of daydreaming and being “bored” (since this is the space where deep thinking and true creativity can germinate), and spend time doing simple things that create memories to be cherished.
    Congratulations to Celebration of Education Awardees and Retirees:
    On May 29, RUSD employees gathered to recognize team members who received special recognitions. This event is co-sponsored by the PTA to celebrate and honor our educators.
    Tiburon-Belvedere Rotary Community Service Award - Ms. Carin Rhodes for the Children For Change program
    Phoebe Hearst Professional Excellence Award (PTA sponsored) - Dr. Susan Artis
    Christine Carter Innovation Award (Foundation sponsored) - Ms. Erica Leinbach
    Teacher of the Year (PTA sponsored) - Mr. Paul Devoto
    Retirees - Mr. Jeff Brain, Del Mar teacher and Mr. Larry Emory, Reed custodian
    Tools to Address Words and Actions that Discriminate:
    In recognition of June being PRIDE month, see some summer reading books for children that highlight Kinds of Families.
    Best wishes for a wonderful summer!
    Nancy Lynch, Ed.D.
    Reed Union School District