2018 – 2019 Board Meeting Calendar
    The Board reserves the right to adjust the date and/or time of one or more of its regular meetings in order to accommodate the personal or business schedules of the board members or staff, or to reflect external interests, such as holiday schedules, weather, and school district program needs.

    Public meetings typically begin at 6:00 PM, in the District Staff Development Center at
    Bel Aire School, 277 Karen Way, Tiburon, CA 94920

    August 21, 2018
    Introduction of New Teaching Staff
    Approval of Overnight Field Trips
    Williams Quarterly Report

    September 11
    2017 / 18 Unaudited Final Financial Report
    Appropriations Limit (Gann Limit)
    Standardized Testing Report
    Annual Adoption of Fund Raising Activities
    Pubic Hearing - Sufficiency of Textbooks and
    Instructional Materials

    October 16
    Adoption of School Calendar 2019 / 20
    Recognition of Tenured Teachers
    Annual Review of Certificated Credentials and Seniority List
    Annual Review of Classified Seniority List
    Williams Quarterly Report
    BA/DM Student Council reports

    November 13
    Strategic Action Plan Update
    Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Discussion/Feedback

    December 11
    Board Organization: 2019 Committee Selections
    First Interim Budget Report 2018 / 19
    Annual Developer Fee Report
    Adoption of Board Meeting Calendar, 2019-2020

    January 15, 2019
    Curriculum Report – Math or ELA
    Final Report of 2017 / 18 Audit
    Williams Quarterly Report
    Superintendent’s Evaluation--Mid-year (Closed Session)
    SARC Review

    February 12
    Discussion of 2019 / 20 Enrollment and Staffing
    Layoff of Particular Kinds of Service
    Review of Fund Raising Activities
    Comprehensive Safety Plan
    BA/DM Student Council reports

    March 12
    Curriculum Report - Math or ELA
    Second Interim Budget Report – 2018 / 19
    Personnel Report with required March 15 actions
    Review of Home-to-School Transportation Program
    Biennial review of By-Law 9270, Conflict of Interest (even years only)

    April 16
    LCAP Results Update 2018 / 19
    Resolution: Week of the Employee, 1st week of May
    Williams Quarterly Report
    Annual Declaration of Need

    May 14
    Curriculum Report
    Update Uniform Complaint Policy

    June 4
    Library Liaison Report
    Public Hearing and Review of 2019 / 20
    Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)
    Public Hearing and Review proposed 2019 / 20 Budget
    Approval of Consolidated Application 2019 / 20
    Education Protection Account 2019 / 20
    Authorization to Sign on Behalf of the Board
    Superintendent Evaluation--Year-end (Closed Session)

    June 10
    Public Hearing and Approval of 2019 / 20
    Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP)  
    Public Hearing and Adoption of 2019 / 20 Budget
    Resolution for Departmentalized Teaching
    Superintendent's Contract
    BP 6145