Del Mar Staff
Dedicated to Achievement

Del Mar Middle School’s dedicated staff create challenging and safe learning environments that encourage academic excellence, communication, and cooperation with peers.

Communication between a parent and teacher is important too.
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Dr. Vann Gardner - Principal
Mr. Sawyer - Assistant Principal
Ms. Riley - Executive Secretary
Ms. Kristy - School Secretary
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Mr. Armstrong -
Social Studies 
Ms. Baker -
Mr. Brain -
Digital Media & Publications/Digital Wheel
Ms. Casey -
Resource Specialist
Ms. Cerni -
Library Information Media Center 
English/Social Studies and Leadership
Ms. Childress -
English  & Writing
Ms. Connor -
Resource Specialist 
Ms. Cummings -
Mr. Deppe -
English/Social Studies & Speech
Ms. Gaine -
Dr. Gold -
District Psychologist
Ms. Jones -
Physical Education
Dr. Kover -
School Psychologist 
Ms. Lomax -
English/Social Studies & Wheel  
Ms. Mankin -
Ms. Marshall -
Ms. Messmer -
English/Social Studies
Mr. Morena -
Physical Education
Mr. Narell -
Steel Pans
Mr. Nielsen -
Leadership/Design Lab & Wheel  
Ms. Oefinger -
Mr. Oefinger -
Physical Education 
Mr. Perkoff -
Band & Guitar
Miss Peters -
English/Social Studies
Mr. Rhodes -
Mr. Roseberry -
English/Social Studies 
Mr. Russell -
Science 6th & 8th
Mr. Shern -
Science 6th
Ms. Smith -
Mr. Snyder -
Art & Math
Mr. Sonneville -
English/Social Studies
Ms. Spike -
English/Social Studies & Wheel    
English/Social Studies and Strategies 
Foundation For Reed Schools
The Foundation for Reed Schools supports Music, Art, Technology, Physical Education, Foreign Language, and Library.