• RUSD COVID-19 Distance Learning

    The Continuity Learning Plan is the primary platform for the RUSD distance learning program:

    The Continuity Learning Plan is designed to provide equal access for all students, with the consideration of the age, maturity, and attention span of our students. It is imperative to remove barriers to student learning. Providing instructional videos and podcasts, adaptive learning apps, and hands-on lessons and activities not only ensures access for all, but also allows more flexibility for students to control the order, speed, and timing of instruction throughout the day.  We have continued to evolve the Continuity Learning Plan to be more self-guided, enabling students to complete tasks seamlessly and independently.

    Education has undergone many transformations in the past two decades. One very notable change is spending much less time on lecture, which not only created passive learners, but also showed ineffective student learning outcomes. Today, teaching and learning requires students to be more actively engaged, use their critical thinking skills, and take ownership over their learning. These shifts have made students more accountable for their learning which has resulted in a deeper understanding of the content knowledge and further academic independence. Enabling students to be independent learners during distance learning supports this pedagogy.

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