• Reed Union School District
    Annual Employee Notification

    Following is the complete list of policies which employees must review annually. This list is being provided as part of the District's commitment to keeping all employees aware of the various legal obligations related to safety and employees’ rights and responsibilities. Please review these policies, sign the Acknowledgement of Completion and return to your school office.  This form will be filed in your personnel file.


    231.5  Sexual harassment policy

    17612  Notification of pesticide use

    37616  Notice of public hearing on year-round schedule

    46162  Notice of public hearing on block schedule

    49013  Complaints regarding student fees

    49414  Epinephrine auto-injectors

    1126  Incompatible activities of employees

    3100-3109  Oath or affirmation of allegiance

    8355  Certification of drug-free workplace, including notification

    21029 Retirement credit for period of military service

    1797.196  Automated external defibrillators; notification of use and locations

    104420  Tobacco-free schools

    120875  Information on AIDS, AIDS-related conditions, and hepatitis B

    120880  Notification to employees re AIDS, AIDS-related conditions, and hepatitis B

    2800.2  Notification of availability of continuation health coverage

    3550-3553  Notifications re: workers' compensation benefits

    11165.7  Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act; notification requirement

    11166.5   Employment; statement of knowledge of duty to report child abuse or neglect

    2613  Disability insurance; notice of rights and benefits

    11023 Nondiscrimination in employment

    763.84 Asbestos inspections, response actions and post-response actions

    763.93  Asbestos management plans

    12950  Sexual harassment

    4622  Uniform complaint procedures

    8101-8106  Drug-Free Workplace Act

    104.8  Nondiscrimination

    106.9  Dissemination of policy, nondiscrimination on basis of sex


    22455.5  STRS information to potential members

    22461  Postretirement compensation limitation

    35171  Notice of regulations pertaining to certificated employee evaluations

    44663-44664  Evaluation of certificated employees

    44842  Reemployment notices, certificated employees

    44916  Written statement of employment status

    44929.21  Reelection or nonreelection of probationary employee after second year

    44934  Notice of disciplinary action for cause

    44938  Notice of unprofessional conduct and opportunity to correct

    44940.5-44941  Notification of suspension and intent to dismiss

    44948.3-44948.5  Dismissal of probationary employees

    44949  Cause, notice and right to hearing

    44955  Reduction in number of employees

    44954  Nonreelection of temporary employees

    49079  Notification to teacher; student who has engaged in acts re: grounds suspension or expulsion

    80303  Reports of change in employment status, alleged misconduct


    44940.5-44941  Notification of suspension and intent to dismiss

    45113 Notification of charges, classified employees

    45117 Notice of layoff, classified employees

    45169 Employee salary data, classified employees

    45192 Industrial and accident leave

    45195 Additional leave


    35031 Nonreelection of superintendent, assistant superintendent, or manager of classified services

    44896 Transfer of administrator or supervisor to teaching position

    44951 Continuation in position unless notified, administrative or supervisory personnel


    44031 Personnel file contents, inspection

    49414 Epinephrine auto-injectors

    54957 Complaints against employees; right to open session

    54963 Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information

    3550-3553 Notifications re: workers' compensation benefits

    11105-11105.2 Copy of DOJ Notification

    3204 Employees exposed to bloodborne pathogens, access to exposure and medical records

    5193 California bloodborne pathogens standard

    5194 Hazard communication program

    4334 Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act, notice requirement