Please keep your child home if they are showing any symptoms of illness and please call the office on the day of your child's absence by 8:00 a.m. (415-435-1468, OPTION 1) or email delmar@reedschools.org. This will eliminate the need for a call from the office. We expect students to attend school, unless there is an excused absence-for illness, injury, a medical/dental appointment or a religious holiday. All other absences are marked "unexcused." Unexcused absences do not excuse a student from classroom assignments. All assignments are available on the teacher websites. It is the student's responsibility to check the websites and make up for missed work once they are healthy.
    Students arriving late for school must sign in with the office and get a tardy slip before going to class. If you need to pick your child up for a medical appointment, please try to do so between classes, and be sure to remind your child to come to the office to meet you there, without needing a call from the office. If they must leave in the middle of a class, please send them with a note to give to that teacher so they can excuse themselves. We do not ever want to call into a classroom unless there is an emergency, so please plan accordingly! Any student leaving before the end of the day must be signed out by their parent or an authorized adult.