• Reed School

    Volunteer Guidelines


    Reed staff is very grateful to all our amazing volunteers for your time and dedication to the success of our Reed School programs. Here are a few guidelines to make sure your volunteer experience is productive, engaging, successful, and rewarding.

    • Be sure to arrive a few minutes early to review lesson plans/duties
    • The primary role of a volunteer is to support the classroom program. This often means that you will not be working directly with your child.
    • Upon entering the classroom, please exchange a quick hello with your child making sure not to disrupt the class or distract your child from instruction.
    • To support classroom routines and expected student behavior, please do not permit your child to sit on your lap
    • Please do not bring siblings
    • Be reminded that all student interactions are confidential and may not be discussed outside the classroom. If you have any questions please speak directly with the classroom teacher
    • Volunteers are greeted and addressed by surname
    • Please silence cell phones
    • Please take the lead to monitor student behavior and volume when working with a small group. *A good trick is to model using a soft voice. Take a moment to review expected behaviors and classroom rules with students before starting instruction.
    • When working in a center activity you are considered a guest teacher. Please monitor that students complete the task as expected
    • In the event of a difficult separation with your child, please exit the classroom quickly knowing that you will be contacted if necessary

    Thank you for being an important part of our Reed Team!