• Technology and the District
    The Reed Union school District is committed to providing up–to-date technology for students. This commitment will provide each student the opportunity to gain the skills needed to succeed in this century.

    Reed Elementary School (K-2) is where it all gets started. All classrooms have at least 5 computers, all with internet and presentation capabilities for instruction. Each classroom has a printer and a digital camera, while sharing pod casting equipment, Proscopes, DV camcorders and LCD projectors. Curriculum and technology are woven together by combining instruction in the classroom with coordinated lessons in our well-equipped Computer Lab. Even our youngest students are pod casting! Each teacher maintains his/her website which allows families a “bird’s eye view” of what their children are doing in school. A credentialed Technology Facilitator supports staff and students in their technology projects
    The Bel Aire Elementary School (3-5) has a long standing reputation for technology. It has won several county awards including the 1999 "Best of the Web" as well as one of twelve schools in the nation recognized for its outstanding technology program in 2001. The teachers have developed a variety of ways to integrate technology within the curriculum. Students in grade 5 have lap top carts in their classrooms. Grades 3 and 4 are provided with a minimum of 6 computers per room, and have access to additional lap top carts. The school is wireless, and a credentialed Technology Facilitator supports staff and students in their technology projects. Additional peripheral equipment including iPods, cameras, digital Microscopes, GPS systems, robotics, etc. are used to enhance the instructional program. Students are trained to serve on “Cybersquad” (trouble shooting technology issues in the classroom); Multimedia Club” (creates small videos of school events) and the Bel Aire TV Show. 

    Reed and Bel Aire Schools have 1 computer for every 1.7 students and every classroom has internet access. Each of the school libraries has multiple computers with internet access.

    Del Mar Middle School (6-8) is a leader in technology in Marin County and the Bay Area. The Millennial Classroom Project, which provides a laptop for every 6th, 7th and 8th grade student, was implemented in the fall of 2005. Students use their laptop at school as well as at home. In addition to the software package installed on the student laptops, online subscriptions are pervasive in enhancing and integrating technology into the curricula. The entire school is equipped for wireless internet access, inside and out. All classrooms are outfitted with an LCD projector, television and VCR and at least one additional desktop computer. The Computer Lab was replaced with a Cyber Lounge, a large, flexible working environment that is used by both students and staff. There are five eMacs, all with DVD burning capabilities, and peripherals including digital cameras, scanners, DV camcorders and a laser printer. The Library has five computers with internet access and four laser printers. The library catalog and online databases are accessible from the student laptops, at home or school.

    The District technology curriculum has been designed to help students attain the skills necessary for the future. Technology standards will be approved by the Board in the spring 2006. The standards incorporate touch typing, word-processing, databases, presentations, web page design and digital video editing. The District recognizes that it must commit to its' staff in order to achieve high standards for students. The district has teamed up with Apple Computer to bring together a staff development program for Technology Integration. The district has also offered a laptop since 1999 for each teacher if they attend a workshop devoted to technology integration in the classroom.

    The Reed Union School District is committed to making the future happen now.
    Contact Information:
    Evan McKay
    Director of Technology
    (415) 388-7100  x4008