• Del Mar Dance Rules

    In order to create a safe and fun environment for all, the following rules are in effect at all Del Mar dances:

    •This is a Del Mar student dance only. No guests from other schools are allowed.

     •Students must arrive no later than 15 minutes after the dance begins. Students are expected to stay until the end of the dance (exceptions made only with prior approval of administrator).

    •Students who have been assigned to the LOP (Loss of Privilege) list must remain off school grounds before, during, and after the dance.

    •Students absent from school the day of the dance cannot attend without prior permission of administrator.

    •Students are expected to follow general dress code guidelines.

    •Students are expected to stay in designated areas: dance floor, PE classroom, and eating areas outside gym.

    •Dancing must remain appropriate. No moshing, freaking etc.

    •No food or drink allowed in the gym.

    •Students are expected to follow all school/dance guidelines and comply with the direction of chaperones. If misbehaved, parents will be called and asked to pick up their child.

    •Students must be picked up by an adult immediately following the dance. Students will wait in parking lot for parents to pick them up.

    Students are not allowed to walk home or ride their bicycles home.