• The Yellow Bus Challenge: 

    Sign Up More Bus Riders and Everyone Saves Half the Cost!

    The Town of Tiburon and City of Belvedere will provide a subsidy--IF enough riders sign up--saving 50% of the cost of bus passes for ALL bus riders.

    RUSD has created three new bus routes in both the morning and afternoon. 
    • New routes are designed for Reed and Bel Aire students only
    • More neighborhood stops
    • Shorter drive times


    Yellow Bus Challenge FAQ

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    Route Highlights

    New Green Bus (Route 4) For Bel Aire and Reed Students ONLY

    AM  Segment 1:  Corte Madera/Paradise Drive to Bel Aire. Segment 2: Express to Reed

    PM   Segment 1: Express from Reed to Bel Aire. Segment 2: Bel Aire to Del Mar to Reed, and on to Corte Madera VIA Hyw 101


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    New Orange Bus (Route 5) For Bel Aire Students Only

    AM Segment 1: Belvedere to Downtown Tiburon, and on to Bel Aire

    PM Segment 1: Bel Aire to Belveron, to Mar Vista, to Reed, and to Downtown



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    New Purple Bus Route (6) For Reed Students ONLY

    AM  Belveron through Bel Aire neighborhood, and on to Reed School

    PM   Reed School, through Belveron and to Bel Aire neighborhood


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    Yellow (1), Pink, (2) and Blue (3) AM and PM routes are unchanged. If you are interested in adding your child to the waitlist for these routes, please click here and provide your child’s name, bus stop, and school destination.

    Yellow Bus  AM Schedule      PM Schedule

    Pink Bus     AM Schedule      PM Schedule

    Blue Bus     AM Schedule      PM Schedule