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    School Supplies for 2013-2014

    Information for Parents

    RUSD schools annually have requested parents purchase school supplies for their children at the start of each new school year. Our parents have generously provided a large percentage of the consumable supplies our children use in their classrooms.  These donations help offset fixed costs. Recent changes to state law have made it clear that California public schools are not allowed to require parents to pay for the cost basic school supplies. 

    In keeping with changes in law, consumable school supplies will be provided for all students for the 2013-14 school year. The attached list contains the materials teachers will have for all students. We will still accept and appreciate students bringing supplies to school, but this is not required. Any donated supplies from the attached list will be appreciated and used in your child’s classroom.  

    The cost to the District of providing these classroom supplies averages approximately $65 per student per year (with the exception of calculators for the middle school). Parents may donate to the District to help cover the cost of consumable materials that are used in classrooms. All donated funds for school supplies will be used to purchase grade-level appropriate consumable materials for each classroom in the District.

    Would You Like to Make a Donation to Help RUSD Provide School Supplies to our Classrooms?

    Please consider either making a donation to the “School Supply Fund” or sending your child to school with his or her personal supplies on the first day of school. While $65 per student is the average cost for consumable materials, contributions of any amount are welcome and will be used solely for the purchase of classroom supplies. Tax-deductible contributions may be made through the District website at this link or by sending a check (payable to RUSD) to:

                                           School Supplies

                                          Reed Union School District

                                           277 A Karen Way

                                           Tiburon, CA 94920

    The generosity of our parent community will support our dedicated teachers as they work to nurture, teach, and inspire all students in the Reed Union School District

    Thank you for your support of the students of Reed Union School District!