CONTACTING YOUR CHILD: In order to protect the integrity of the learning environment, we ask that you not go directly to your child's class to deliver a message. If it is urgent to deliver a message to your child during the school day, please call 415-435-1468 or come by the school office. Please make arrangements for lunch, car pools, late pick-ups, babysitting, etc., with your child BEFORE they leave for school in the morning. In the event of an emergency, the office staff will relay messages to your child's teacher. Please do not ask the office staff to contact your child or interrupt a class for messages that are not critical.

    FORGOTTEN LUNCHES/HOMEWORK: Lunches and homework brought to school by parents should be left at the school office. Our policy is not to interrupt classrooms for these reasons. Students should check the office in between classes, during break or at lunchtime to pick up items left by their parents. Learning to take responsibility for getting homework to school is an important part of your child's growth. It is important for children to take personal responsibility and shoulder the consequences if need be.

    STUDENT USE OF THE PHONE: The school phone is to be used for business and emergency purposes only. It is available for use only with the permission of the teacher or office personnel. Students will not be allowed to use the phone for such reasons as asking permission to visit a friend, staying for a recreational program, etc. These arrangements should be made beforehand.

  • Student Rights and Responsibilities

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