• Communication

    Contacting Your Child: In order to protect the integrity of the learning environment, we ask that you not go directly to your child's class to deliver a message. If it becomes necessary to deliver a message to you child during the school day, please call 415-388-7100 or come by the school office. Please make arrangements for lunch, car pools, babysitting, etc., with your child BEFORE s/he leaves for school in the morning. In the event of an emergency or change of plans, the office staff will relay messages to your child's teacher. Please do not ask the office staff to contact your child or interrupt a class for messages that are not critical.

    Messages: Please clarify arrangements with your child about after-school plans each morning to avoid confusion later in the day. The office is not always able to get messages to children before they leave.

    Forgotten Items: Forgotten lunches, books, homework, etc., may be dropped off in the school office. Please be certain your child's full name and classroom teacher are written on the article and tell your child to always go to the office to check for forgotten lunches, etc. The office will not interrupt class regarding forgotten items.

    Lost and Found: Many valuable articles of clothing, lunch bags, etc., are turned into the "Lost and Found" located outside the school office. Please label jackets, sweaters and backpacks. Unclaimed articles are donated to charity once a month.

    Student Use of the School Phone: The school phone is to be used for business and emergency purposes only. It is available for use only with permission of the teacher or office personnel. Students will not be allowed to use the phone for such reasons as asking permission to visit a friend, staying for a recreational program, etc. These arrangements should be made beforehand.

    Personal Phone Use: Personal cell phones, iWatches, and other communication devices must be switched off and stay in the bottom of  backpacks during the entire school day. They can be switched back on as soon as children are off school property.