The Reed Union School District administration, faculty, and staff are eager to accommodate your needs, questions, and concerns in the most efficient manner. Please use the following guide to help you decide whom to contact first.

    the first contact regarding...

    • Student issues
    • A conference
    • Questions about student grades or behavior
    • Questions about specific activities related to the classroom
    • Curriculum specific to the classroom

    At Del Mar, please contact your child's advisor about general questions regarding your child. Questions about specific classes should be directed to the classroom teacher.

    for information and assistance regarding...

    • School programs, policies, and procedures
    • Unresolved issues after teacher contact
    • Security or safety related to school or student
    • Feedback and/or suggestions about school-wide issues

    for information regarding...

    • School-wide events
    • Attendance
    • Calendar

    for information and assistance regarding...

    • Unresolved site issues
    • District-wide programs, policies, and procedures
    • Curriculum
    • Facilities
    • Budgets
    • Other questions you may have - we will direct your call

    Communication in the Reed Union School District
    The Reed Union School District recognizes the importance of creating and maintaining effective channels of communication between school and home.  In order to provide important information to our families in a timely way, these are the primary communications tools we use:

    RUSD Headline News is the Superintendents's Office primary tool for regular communication, providing important information to parents, who receive an email when the updated information has been posted to the District and school websites.  PTA and Foundation updates can be found in each school principal newsletter, as well.

    District-wide i
    mportant dates for individual school events are posted on the district calender.

    School Websites with school and PTA news and links to teachers' websites.

    Email from Principals and Teachers with general school and classroom information or specific information sent to you regarding your child.

    Email from the Superintendent when news (other than emergencies) affecting the entire District needs to be shared, such as local road closures, police incidents, or news items that affect our local community.

    YOUR FEEDBACK MATTERS:  Our goal is to make communication of important school information as easy for parents to use as possible.  Please let us know what you think of District communication methods . The best way to do this is to email RUSDSuperintendent@reedschools.org