This page contains information for registering new students AND for parents of students moving into 3rd and 6th grades (who need to provide proof of residency to the school office). 
    New Reed Elementary student registration questions may be emailed to: reed@reedschools.org
    If you are registering children at more than one RUSD school, it is necessary to provide each school site all of the documents required for registration. Questions or concerns may be directed to the school principal at each school. 
    Complete registration for new students by scheduling an appointment at the school office.  Please bring the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS to the meeting:
    The following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS are currently required for student registration in the Reed Union School District:

    Requirements For Proof of Residency
    State law requires that public schools verify student residence. Board Policy number 5111.1 of the Reed Union School District and Education Code 48204.6 provide that evidence of residency be submitted for each student desiring to attend schools within the district. As evidence of residency within the Reed Union School District, at a minimum, three documents will be required: One ORIGINAL DOCUMENT from Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3.

    Category 1:

    ONE of the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS showing parent/guardian's picture ID from the following list:

    • Current California State Driver's License; or
    • Current California State ID Card; or
    • Consulate issued picture ID; or
    • Government issued picture ID

    Category 2:

    ONE of the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with the parent/guardian's name and address from the following list:

    • Most recent utility statement or bill.
    • Pay stub.
    • Voter registration.
    • Correspondence from a government agency.

    Category 3:

    ONE of the following ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS with the parent/guardian's name and address from the following list:

    • CURRENT PROPERTY TAX BILL with parent/guardian's name and property address, indicating homeowner's exemption; to request a copy of your property tax bill enter your parcel number hereor
    • CURRENT RENTAL OR LEASE AGREEMENT with parent/guardian's name and address, as well as manager or owner's name and phone number (Note: If your lease has gone to "month to month", you must also bring a current letter from the Landlord stating that you still live at that address and including the date, address and names of parent/guardian.
    Parents/guardians who do not live in the district and falsify residency information will be asked to enroll their child in the district of residence and will be given two weeks to make the adjustment.

    Parents of a child new to the District who is entering Grades 3 through 5 should also provide:
    All of the items listed above PLUS the child's most recent report card.

    Parents of a child new to the District who is entering Grades 6 through 8 should also provide:
    All of the items listed above.


    Is my home in the Reed Union School District?

    The Reed Union School District serves Belvedere, Tiburon, and a portion of east Corte Madera. There are some areas, however, which are not part of the District, even though they may appear to be part of Tiburon and may indeed carry Tiburon in their mailing address. Cypress Hollow, Strawberry, and Strawberry Point areas are in the Mill Valley School District. The Marin County Assessor's Office (415-499-7215, X6) can quickly answer whether or not an address is in a particular school district by simply looking to see what school district receives your school property tax dollars.  You may also contact the Superintendent's Office at 415-381-1112 for further information concerning District boundaries.