• Reed Union School District


    Together we provide our children with extraordinary opportunities to enlighten their minds, inspire their hearts, and strengthen their resolve to positively impact the world.


    VISION of the Reed Union Graduate

    Students through their efforts and with the support of the whole school community will become:

    Motivated Learners Committed to Academic Excellence

    • Demonstrate responsibility, self-direction, and independence
    • Take risks, are not afraid to make mistakes and learn from them
    • Take pride in accomplishments
    • Understand learning is a lifelong process


    Creative Problem Solvers

    • Apply critical thinking
    • Integrate curiosity, imagination and insight
    • Apply knowledge across disciplines, projects and in real life situations
    • Generate ideas and best possible solutions


    Effective Communicators

    • Actively listen and acknowledge different points of view and cultural context
    • Express and support positions considering multiple perspectives
    • Use appropriate tools and language to inform, persuade, and convey ideas to diverse audiences
    • Collaborate with others


    Engaged Citizens

    • Demonstrate empathy, ethical behavior, and respect for self, others, and the environment
    • Actively contribute to school, local, and global communities
    • Advocate for self and others
    • Understand and appreciate cultures, histories, and contributions of people of the world


    Balanced Individuals / Best Self

    • Demonstrate self-knowledge, integrity, good judgment, and honor
    • Exhibit self-assurance, confidence, and social competence
    • Persevere and are resilient amidst adversity, stress, disappointment, and conflict
    • Make positive choices for personal and physical well being
    • Believe in the power of the individual to make a difference