• Proof of Residency Requirements
    for All Currently Enrolled Students Entering 3rd and 6th Grades

    Board Policy 5111.1 states that, “the Superintendent or designee shall annually in kindergarten, 3rd grade and 6th grade verify the student's residency and retain a copy of the documents or written statement offered as verification. Students will not be enrolled without proper residency verification.”
    Therefore, parents of ALL returning students entering third grade and sixth grade must provide current proof of residency in the District. (See Categories 1, 2 & 3 under “Requirements for Proof of Residency”). It is not necessary to provide a birth certificate, immunization records etc.; ONLY Proof of Residency, which includes two documents plus your ID.
    Parents must provide this proof of residency (to Bel Aire for parents of incoming 3rd grade students, or to Del Mar for incoming 6th grade students) by June 1st of every year. With the current Shelter-in-Place Order, we have modified the process which provides for electronic submission.
    Please provide your Proof of Residency electronically via Actionaly (formerly Bluepods) prior to the June 1st deadline. You will receive an email from Actionaly by May 15 with instructions for uploading the documents to a secure platform.
    Students entering 3rd and 6th grades will not be assigned to classes without proper residency verification.
    For additional information, please contact:
    Bel Aire Elementary School: belaire@reedschools.org
    Del Mar Middle School: delmar@reedschools.org