• Proof of Residency Requirements for All Currently Enrolled Students Entering 3rd and 6th Grades

    The Board of Trustees has adopted a revision to the District policy BP 5111.1 on student registration. This change requires parents of ALL new or returning students entering third grade and sixth grade to provide current proof of residency in the District.  (See Categories 1, 2 & 3 under “Requirements for Proof of Residency”. It is not necessary to provide birth certificate, immunizations etc., only proof of residency) Parents must personally present this proof of residency at the appropriate school office (Bel Aire for parents of incoming 3rd grade students, or Del Mar for incoming 6th grade students) by June 1st of every year.

    The District has experienced significant growth in enrollment over the last several years, requiring adding staff and creating new classrooms. In these tight economic times, we must do everything possible to ensure that our community's tax dollars are spent to support the educational programs that serve the children of the District. We regret that this requirement places an added task on our families.

    Students entering 3rd and 6th grades will not be enrolled without proper residency verification.