Students needing letters of recommendation for private school admissions should inform the school office in a timely manner.  Our teachers and staff need the time to do a good job writing and processing recommendations for your students. In order to allow them to take time away from school to complete this process, we are asking for a $50 donation.  In the event your child is applying to multiple schools, which takes additional time from teachers and administrative staff, we are asking for a donation of up to $100. The office staff will forward requests to the appropriate teachers, generally the Math and English teachers. Advisors write the letter in place of the principal/counselor because they know the students well and can provide personalized letters of recommendation. The school office will mail the completed letters and transcripts. Students are responsible for making up all assignments when school is missed for shadowing, which is an unexcused absence. Further detailed instructions will be mailed home each September to families.