All students at Del Mar Middle School are entitled to an education in a positive environment that is safe and conducive to learning. Our staff is committed to providing a supportive atmosphere where each student can reach their maximum potential.  Our staff is committed to addressing all aspects of the child's education and development: emotional, social, academic, behavioral, and ethical. 

    When patterns of behavior do not promote a positive learning environment, it is the staff’s intent to intervene and apply consequences, which help our students move toward more positive behavior. Teachers will communicate with parents about repeated misbehavior in the classroom, when a student's behavior does not improve, and when a referral to the administration is necessary.

    Failure to comply with the requests of staff members MAY result in, but is not limited to, the following:

    1. A warning was issued and an immediate conference with the student and the teacher/staff member.

    2. A student will receive a discipline referral to administration by the teacher/staff member, and depending on the infraction may require progressive consequences.  The Assistant Principal will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the disciplinary action.

    3. Payment for damages, if incurred.

    4. A meeting with administration and/or counselor.

    5. Removal from class, recess, lunch, or any other activity.

    6. Restorative solutions, such as participation in a restorative circle or Solutions Team or assisting a teacher, campus, or community service (i.e., assisting with campus or lunch-area clean-up of trash; assisting Marin County Parks and Open Space Rangers with scheduled volunteer opportunities).

    7. Loss of privileges such as school activities (e.g., assemblies, field trips, sports, dances, and special grade-level or school events).

    8. Suspension.

    9. Notification to law enforcement.

    10. Expulsion.

    SEARCHES – School officials may search individual students, their property, and district property under their control when there is a reasonable suspicion that the search will uncover evidence that the student is violating the law, Board policy, administrative regulation, or other rules of the district or the school. As lockers are considered school property, general searches of lockers can be conducted at any time with or without the presence of the student.

    DETENTION – During detention, a student spends their lunch period eating lunch and reflects on their misconduct in the office. A student may receive detention for engaging in any prohibited student behavior as well as for continual misbehavior in class or at lunch/recess after prior attempts to redirect the student have not changed inappropriate behavior (such as a warning or a phone call/email to parents). Students must serve their detention on the assigned day. Parents will be notified of detentions by email, mail, and/or phone call.

    LOSS OF PRIVILEGE (L.O.P.) – A student who has committed a serious infraction of the rules and/or multiple minor infractions (i.e., three or more referrals that lead to disciplinary action or one suspension within a trimester) will receive a Loss of Privilege. This is intended to raise the student’s awareness of the need to follow behavior expectations and school rules and to teach the student to be accountable for his or her own conduct. A student receiving a L.O.P. may be ineligible to attend or participate in extracurricular activities such as dances, after-school sports, school plays, assemblies, grade-level events, and field trips.

    THIRD TRIMESTER BEHAVIOR EXPECTATIONS – Attendance at the end-of-year festivities, such as grade-level parties or field trips, school events, End-of-the-Trimester Assemblies, and the 8th grade promotion ceremony, designed to celebrate students’ achievements at Del Mar Middle School are considered privileges.

    Students with three or more referrals that lead to disciplinary action and/or have received one suspension during the third trimester will receive a Loss of Privilege, AND MAY ALSO BE EXCLUDED FROM THEIR SPECIAL END-OF-THE-YEAR GRADE-LEVEL FIELD TRIP.