Academic Honesty Policy

    The Del Mar faculty is committed to encouraging students to assume responsibility for their own ethical behavior and to experience the joy of accomplishing their personal best as they embody the vision of a Reed Union Graduate. Academic honesty means not cheating, plagiarizing, sharing/receiving homework or assignments with a peer, taking pictures of assessments or assignments  or using information unethically in any way. Students are expected to do their own work at all times, and understand that cheating and plagiarism will adversely affect grades. Students in violation of the Academic Honesty Policy may be expected to redo assignments, or depending on the severity of the offense, may also result in detention or suspension or other. At the beginning of each year, the staff works with students to explain how to avoid plagiarizing from written material and the resources found on the Internet. We ask that parents reinforce this important message when assisting students with their homework.

  • Behavior Expectations

    Behavior expectations are based upon our vision that students are balanced individuals, their best selves and engaged citizens at school.  The following chart articulates key expectations and specific guidelines. Please see Student Rights and Responsibilities which provides an additional framework regarding specific behavior expectations. Please note that school rules apply on the way to school, at school and on the way home from school as well. 

    Other rules pertaining to student safety include:

    • Not leaving campus without permission

    • Obeying all California laws including those that prohibit drugs, alcohol, tobacco and weapons

    • Refraining from roughhousing (i.e., tackling on field)

    • Refraining from harassing other students for any reason, including for reasons based on sex, ethnicity or gender

    • Not riding bicycles, eBikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. on campus

    • Turning off and keeping hidden any electronic devices  (cell phones, personal music device or tablets, etc.) unless a teacher gives explicit permission for use for a class project

    • Using a school lock on your locker at all times to store backpacks, other school supplies or personal items (it is required that students store cell phones in lockers during the school day)

    • Adhering to all staff rules and directives