All Del Mar students are assigned a grade-level Advisor. Advisory classes meet three days per week (Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons). Advisors meet regularly with each advisee to review academic/behavior progress. Objectives of the advisory program include: character and community building, goal-setting, effective communication, life skills, supporting community service and development of student portfolio work.

    Parents are asked to contact advisors with general concerns; contact other teachers directly if there are questions about a particular class.


    Del Mar is fortunate to have highly qualified staff to provide academic, social, and emotional support for our RUSD student body. Services are provided via many modalities, including consultation with teachers and parents, mental health counseling, student support groups, and educational and/or psychological assessments of students demonstrating lack of progress despite teacher and school interventions. Please contact our School Psychologist Dr. David Kover at dkover@reedschools.org or refer to the RUSD Psychological Services website for more information.


    Del Mar’s S.A.P. team supports students in academics, behavior, health and attendance. The school-wide S.A.P. team is composed of a trained group of staff members: teachers from all grade levels, administration and the school psychologist. Students are referred by their grade level teams. Students or their parents can also refer themselves to the student’s advisor.

    Teachers meet in grade level teams to discuss students who may need support above and beyond the classroom level. A S.A.P. process is administered at the grade level team level to brainstorm and implement a plan of action utilizing additional school or community resources. If necessary, the team refers the student to the school-wide SAP team. If this confidential process requires further review, the S.A.P. team refers the student for a Student Study Team (S.S.T.) meeting which also involves meeting with the family, resource specialist, several of the student’s teachers and members of the S.A.P. team.