Unfortunately, illness or injury may occur sometime during the year; therefore, we need to know immediately whom to call -- where we can reach a parent, friend, or neighbor and the name and number of your doctor. Update all contact information through the online registration process before school begins. If any of the information changes during the school year, please call the office; your child's safety could depend upon it! Please be sure that any friend or relative listed on your card is aware that they might be called upon to help your child when you are not available.

    Minor first aid is administered in the office. Students who are ill or injured should come to the office immediately. If a student becomes ill at school, we will contact you to make arrangements for sending her/him home. The office does not dispense aspirin, Tylenol or any medication - even with verbal “okays.” Daily medication that you provide must be 

    accompanied by an Authorization to Release Medication form (available in the school office), which is signed by the parent and physician.

    If your child has a known medical condition, please fill out the appropriate paperwork attached here: Food Allergy Action Plan, Asthma Action Plan, Seizure Action Plan, and deliver it to the school nurse.

    For others’ health and well-being, please keep your child home and away from school until the student has been fever-free for at least 48 hours.