Our Leadership class hosts at least one dance during the school year for all students. Admission is by ticket only and tickets are sold at least two weeks prior to the dance. Dances are from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.   

    Students must arrive during the first half-hour and must stay until the end. Exceptions will be made only by prior arrangements with an administrator. Students are to remain in the gym or in the designated outdoor eating area throughout the dance. Parents of any student engaging in disruptive behavior will be called to pick up their son/daughter.  Parents are asked to pick up their students promptly at the end of the dance. Students absent from school the day of the dance cannot attend without prior permission from school administration. The Del Mar dress code is enforced at dances.

    Students who have received a Loss of Privilege (L.O.P.) may be ineligible to participate in the school dance, and must remain off school grounds before, during, and after the event. 

    Students and families must review and abide by our Del Mar Dance Expectations.


    All students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities. Students have opportunities to participate in after-school sports (cross-country and volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter and track/field and golf in the spring) and a variety of before, after school and lunch-time clubs, intramurals, competitions and other supervised activities. The Library is also open for quiet study, reading, and iPad use before school and during most lunchtime periods. 

    Eligibility: In order to participate in extracurricular activities, students are expected to meet the following standards:

    1. Academics: Meets most trimester standards across disciplines. Staff may conduct periodic eligibility checks to ensure that students meet these criteria; if not, the student will not be allowed to participate until grades improve. During the first two weeks of a new trimester, student eligibility will be based on performance from the end of the previous trimester.

    2. Behavior: Students are expected to uphold behavioral expectations.  Students who are placed on Loss of Privilege (L.O.P.) will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities.  In addition, students who have not met Habits of Learning expectations across disciplines will be considered on probation and may not be able to participate if they receive more than one new behavioral referral from staff.   

    3. Attendance: If a student is absent during the day of a game or event, he or she may not participate that day unless prior clearance has been made with an administrator.

    These standards for participation apply to all extracurricular activities that take place outside of the regular school day, including sports teams and the school play.


    In the spirit of inclusion and respect, we do not celebrate individual birthdays. Please refrain from bringing celebratory treats for your child and friends.  In addition, per district policy, all food and beverages served at school parties must follow CA Sanitation and Safety Procedures and Board Policy (BP 3554).  While home-made goodies are delicious, all food must be prepared by a commercial kitchen or restaurant.