Homework is a means to reinforce and extend classroom learning, as well as to build study habits.  Student responsibilities include: recording assignments, checking Google Classroom and/or teacher websites (when applicable), planning time to complete daily homework and long term projects, and asking for help or information when absent.  Parents may refer to the teachers’ websites and/or Google Classroom to check their child’s online grades to help support the student in being organized, prioritizing and completing assignments on time.

    Not turning in homework may negatively influence a student’s performance.  Not completing homework will affect student learning, as well as their Habits of Learning grade. Turning in something is always better than turning in nothing.  Students and parents can stay best informed by checking ALMA on a regular basis and more often if concerned.  Teachers will also inform parents when students are missing homework that is affecting progress in other ways that include: phone calls, notes, emails, and mid-trimester progress reports. Please do not hesitate to contact teachers if you have questions or concerns about homework. 

    Guidelines (approximate number of minutes per night, including nightly reading):

    • Homework is given Monday through Thursday

    • Teachers clearly post all homework assignments on Google Classroom, and expect students to record their assignments in their planners.

    • The maximum number of homework minutes per night will not exceed:

      • 6th grade:    90 minutes

      • 7th grade:   105 minutes

      • 8th grade:   120 minutes

    • TROUBLESHOOTING – If students find themselves consistently exceeding these time guidelines, it is important to first have a conversation with the classroom teacher in order to problem-solve together. The school counselor and administrative team are also available to support students and families who are experiencing difficulty with homework at Del Mar.  We encourage parents and students to reach out to the teacher first to identify and find solutions to academic issues. 

    Students who are absent must check their Google Classroom and/or teachers’ websites (when applicable) for class and homework assignments and are responsible for turning in work upon returning to school.