Students have rights and responsibilities regarding their physical and emotional safety as well as their experience learning and enjoying school.

    I, and others, have the right to:

    • Be physically safe

    • Feel emotionally supported and safe

    • Enjoy this school

    • Learn 

    Therefore, I am responsible for:

    • Ensuring that others are physically safe

    • Ensuring others’ emotional safety and well being

    • Maintaining and preserving the school environment 

    • Being an honest and committed learner

    • Respecting the learning of others  

    Toward these ends, I will:

    • Behave in ways that promote physical safety and well being

    • Speak and act in ways that are courteous and respectful

    • Respect and protect physical property and the school environment

    • Listen to others, speak appropriately and advocate for myself and others

    Toward these ends, I will refrain from:

    • Endangering my own or others’ safety

    • All forms of hurtful speech and behavior

    • Destroying, damaging, or defacing personal or school property

    • Interfering with my own and others’ academic learning and growth