• Where can I find the schedules for Phase 4?

  • Will distance learning still be available when RUSD transitions to Phase 4?

  • Will RUSD move to distance learning after Spring Break?

  • When RUSD transitions to Phase 3, what will happen to Phase 2?

  • What is the Regional Stay At Home Order?

  • How do I get more information on what is happening with Marin schools?


  • What happens if a student does not meet the Actionaly daily screening criteria and must stay home?

  • Will the Actionaly daily health questions be updated now that new CDPH guidance allows outdoor competitive sports to resume?

  • What is the rationale for adding the new Actionaly screening question for high-risk activities?


  • What should I do if my child tests Positive for COVID-19?

  • Does the testing timeline and the type of COVID-19 test matter?

  • Are all schools required to have weekly COVID-19 testing for children under the updated CDPH guidance?

  • What if there is a delay in my COVID-19 test results, can my child attend school?

  • Is there a policy about when students should be tested for COVID-19?

  • Will public health or RUSD be able to make tests rapidly available?


  • Where can I find more information about the COVID vaccine?


  • Do students need to stay home from school if they present with allergy symptoms?

  • Are there additional resources available to help manage social, emotional and mental health?

  • Where can I find the latest updates from Marin Public Health related to COVID-19?

  • Are nannies and babysitters permitted while the Stay Home Order is in place?

  • When must I keep my student home from school?

  • What if my child is exposed to COVID-19 (at school or at home)?

  • Will RUSD continue to inform us of positive COVID-19 cases in the district?

  • If I'm sick but I don't need a COVID-19 test, how long do I stay home?

  • If my child shows cold symptoms, do I assume it's COVID-19?

  • What are the mask or face covering requirements for schools?

  • What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19 at one of the schools?


  • If someone in my household tests positive for COVID-19, does my child stay home?

  • If my child's cohort has to quarantine, do my other child(ren) also stay home?

  • What if I need to keep my child home but his/her cohort is still open?

  • How do I find out if schools in Marin have positive cases?

  • What is the difference between isolation and quarantine?


  • If I have recently traveled, does my family need to self-quarantine?


  • Will “Family Life” be taught to 5th and 8th grade students this school year?

  • Will resources be available this summer for students to mitigate learning loss? (e.g., RazKids, Lexia, Dreambox)?

  • How will students continue to learn when they must stay home from school?

  • Why is RUSD not pursuing a HyFlex learning model?

  • What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous instruction?


  • How often will the tents be used on campuses?

  • Is there a place for students to store their belongings on campus?


  • In Phase 4, will the bus program resume?

  • Are there talks about resuming the Yellow Bus once we transition to Phase 3?


  • Where can I go to troubleshoot technology issues?