Del Mar Golf Team
    Overview: The Del Mar Golf Team is parent-driven. There is no official assistance from the Reed Union School District whether it is financial, transportation, coaching, or anything else. As such, it will be the responsibility of every parent of every child who wants to be on the team to be involved. All practices will be at McInnis Golf Course. Because of this, transportation will always be required. It will be the responsibility of team parents to organize pickups and dropoffs on match days as well as practice days. Practices and matches will start on time and end on time, so it's important that players are punctual. 

    Marshalling: In addition to the transportation responsibilities, there are also golf course marshaling requirements. For each match, every middle school team must provide one parent to walk with one group to help marshal them. The biggest issue is slow play. Essentially, all a marshal must do is keep on the golfers to keep up their pace of play with the group in front of them. If there are any questions regarding rules, the marshal can always call the pro shop for advice. All in all, a marshal needs no real golf experience to take on the role. Each parent will be required to marshal at least once during the season. A sign-up sheet will be provided by the lead team parent.