Del Mar Basketball is open to all 6th, 7th & 8th graders (boys & girls). Tryouts begin late November, right after Thanksgiving break, and generally last 2 days. Because this sport draws a lot of interest, there may be ‘cuts’ in order to get teams down to a manageable size. Some coaches choose to keep a ‘practice squad’ for those players interested in improving their skills without the promise of any game time. Coaches will finalize rosters and begin practice before heading into Winter Break. If possible, teams will get in at least 2-4 practices before the break. During the season, teams will practice 1-2 times per week. This is a league that doesn’t operate on weekends or holidays. At their own discretion, coaches may choose to schedule optional practices over vacation breaks. Games will begin in January and run through early March. The first half of the season, boys will play at 4:00, and girls will play at 5:00. In the second half of the season, girls will take the 4:00 slot and boys will follow at 5:00. Playoff matchups will be determined by regular season records.


    6th Grade Girls - Jason Silva


    6th Grade Boys - Noel Wax & Garrett Harden



    7th Grade Boys - Matt Adelman


    7th Grade Girls - Dan Emerson


    8th Grade Girls - Jake Riley


    8th Grade Boys - Jason Silva


    Game Days
    6th Grade - Tuesdays (4:00pm/5:00pm)
    7th Grade - Wednesdays (4:00pm/5:00pm)
    8th Grade - Thursdays (4:00pm/5:00pm)

Del Mar 7th Grade Champs!!
Del Mar 7th Grade Champs!!
8th Grade Girls Champs!!