Music Program

  • I am thrilled to be the music teacher here at Reed and feel very fortunate to be working in a district that values the arts and creativity. THANK YOU to The Foundation for Reed Schools for supporting the music program! I am an Orff-Schulwerk trained music teacher who enjoys incorporating music, dance, movement, games, poems, and stories from around the world into my music classes. Playing music with others has brought me great joy throughout my life and my goal as a teacher is to inspire and nurture a life-long love of music in my students!

    In music class, students play singing games, create music with xylophones and other percussion instruments, learn a variety of songs that tie in with grade level, school-wide, and seasonal themes, listen and dance to pieces from various musical genres, learn basic music terms and rhythmic notation, and build foundational acting skills through dramatic storytelling! With an emphasis on the connections between speech, singing, movement, and playing instruments, students are introduced to notation, improvise and compose, and experience the joy of creating and performing music. ​I look forward to sharing some of this year's musical highlights with you at grade level performances!

    ~ Ms. Carolyn Balfe, Music Specialist

photo of Ms. Balfe
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    A Foundation-sponsored program!