• Expected Behaviors

    All members of the Bel Aire School community model expected behaviors. These behaviors are taught to all students and are based on the MOSAIC values and the Vision of a Reed School Student. Students and adults are expected to uphold these behaviors in all areas of our school community, whether on the playground, at the lunch tables, in classrooms, and online.


    The MOSAIC program emphasizes building self-esteem, community, and empowerment to create a peaceful future using four themes:

    • Celebration of diversity and awareness of stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination
    • Respect for, and appreciation of, self and others
    • Teamwork and cooperation
    • Communication and nonviolent conflict resolution

    Each letter in the word “MOSAIC” represents a value that we follow at Bel Aire School:

    • Mutual Respect: Be respectful, courteous, and polite to other people at all times. Take time to listen and get to know one another. Support one another to feel and be their best by being considerate, helpful and appreciative. Use kind words that are appropriate for schoolKeep your hands, feet, and all objects to yourself.
    • Open-Mindedness: Be open to perspectives, differences, and values of others. Use empathy by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and trying to understand how they feel. Make a new friend and try any new activity that Bel Aire presents to you.
    • Self-Respect: Take responsibility for your own actions and learning.  Be aware of the consequences of your actions and accept your part in a mistakeBe your own self, at your very best, all of the time. Celebrate you!
    • Attitude: Have a positive attitude and show your appreciation to others through compliments. Be an active member of the Bel Aire community to make it a positive environment for all.
    • Individuality: Have the courage to be yourself! Contribute your own special gifts and be an ally for your friends and peers.
    • Community: Be an engaged citizen! Build a school community that embraces diversity. Include everyone and use teamwork and cooperation. Give other people a chance and play by the rulesBe honest and a reliable student and friend.