• Kimochis

    Kimochis is a social-emotional curriculum, which uses stuffed animals, developed to help improve both verbal and non-verbal communication. Each Kimochis® character has a unique temperament and personality just like the children in our school. Kimochis are used in every Kindergarten classroom and the “Kimochi keys” are referenced in several classrooms on the Reed campus. 

    The Kimochi characters:
    ·       provide a playful and safe way to recognize and honor a child’s temperament and personality 
    ·       are a way to ensure the best possible social and emotional development for the child.
    ·       are a way to learn tolerance, patience, empathy, and acceptance for self and others.

    Key 1: Before you speak: Call someone’s name, wait for eye contact, and when needed, give a communication tap.
    Key 2: Use a talking tone of voice instead of a fighting tone of voice.
    Key 3: Use a talking face and relaxed body language instead of a fighting face and tense body language.
    Key 4: Choose words that help instead of hurt (“I feel mad when you…” instead of “I hate it when you…”)
    Key 5: Be brave and redo hurtful moments.
    Key 6: Be kind and let people try again.
    Key 7: Assume the best. Train the brain! (“He probably isn’t mad at me, maybe he is mad because he lost the game.”)