• Toys & Wheels

    Toys/Balls from Home

    Unless part of a classroom assignment, students are required to leave all toys, balls, yo-yos, and other playground equipment at home. Items brought from home are not allowed on the playground before school, during recess, during lunch, or immediately after school. Therefore, if an item must be brought to school for an after-school activity, it needs to stay in a backpack or tote for the length of the entire school day.


    Fidget Toys

    We will honor a doctor's note for a child's need for a fidget during class. If however, the fidget becomes distracting to the student or his or her classmates, we will ask the student to put the fidget away. 

    Wheels on Campus

    Skateboards, Heelys, roller blades, razor scooters, bicycles, and similar wheeled devices may be ridden to school but may not be ridden on campusStudents must keep them locked in designated areas during school hoursAll wheels must be walked on campus and students must not ride or coast up or down the hill at Bel Aire, or across Tiburon Blvd. at Reed.