• Physical Education

    The activities and lessons presented in physical education are driven by and aligned with the California State Standards. While students play games and have fun, they are also expected to learn. 

    Students Should Come to PE Prepared 

    Dressing properly on PE days is required. Please make sure your children wear appropriate clothing and athletic shoes on PE days or ask them to put a pair into their backpack they can change into for PE. *The first 2 times your child comes to PE unprepared, he/she will be warned. The 3rd time your child will receive a STOP.

    Student Participation

    Students are expected to participate to the best of their ability. Students are also challenged to improve. Please help by talking to your child about facing challenges, not avoiding them. Encourage them to set goals, reach them, and set new goals.

    Health Issues and Concerns

    If your child has a minor injury or health concern, please send a note with your child so that staff is aware of the issue. Your note should describe the health issue, what your child can and cannot do, and for how long. Health concerns lasting longer than a week require a note from the doctor. The doctor’s note should also specifically describe the health concern and specifically describe the limitations to be observed in PE and recess. Any physical limitations will also be considered at recesses as well. * Students who cannot participate in PE may be asked to stay inside during recess and may be asked to sit out from school-hosted after-school activities like dance practice.

    PE & Recess Game Rules

    You can review game rules HERE.