• Electronic Devices at School

    Cell Phones: Students may bring cell phones, but they must be kept in their backpacks. Students must turn phones off during the school day. If students need to call home, they must go to the office and use the office phone under the supervision of the staff.

    Smartwatches: Smartwatches should not come to school, or need to be turned off and kept in backpacks. 

    Kindles, personal iPads, Nooks, etc.: At Bel Aire & Del Mar ONLY, students may bring personal mobile devices for reading only. They must follow teacher direction as to where the device is stored and when it is used. These devices cannot be shared or connected to the RUSD network. The school holds no responsibility for personal items that are brought to school. 

    Electronic Toys: No electronic toys (or toys of any kind) are allowed on campus.