• Communication Protocols

    RUSD Guidelines for Parent Communications to Teachers & Staff

    The guidelines for communication serve as a general guide for ensuring effective communication from parents to teachers, staff and administrators. Communication refers to both the sending and receiving of information, such as email and notes, and verbal communications such as telephone conversations and face-to-face meetings. In order to ensure a successful exchange of information, it is important that all parties follow a few key principles.

    Maintain Respectful and Open Communication 

    • Always use a respectful and polite tone
    • Request, do not demand
    • Be ready not just to provide information, but to listen to teacher/staff observations and perspectives
    • Enter the exchange with an open mind and assume a shared best interest for your child
    • Be prepared to work collaboratively to solve problems 



    • Recognize that confidentiality may limit the information that can be shared from school to parents, including consequences for other students’ behaviors 


    Time to Respond to Communications 

    • Teachers will make every effort to respond as soon as possible to parent communications,  with the understanding that the teaching day sometimes precludes immediate responses
    • Teachers and staff may need some time to collect needed information before responding


    Whom to Contact

    • Most communications of classroom/playground concerns should be directed first to your child’s teacher. If you have a question or need please contact your child's teacher.
    • If you have discussed with your child’s teacher and the issue has not been addressed to your satisfaction please contact the school secretary to schedule a time to speak with a school administrator. 


    Please recognize that it is both the policy and the value of our district that we operate with openness, collaboration and the shared best interest for every student.


  • Student Messages

    Please clarify arrangements with your child about after-school plans before school to avoid confusion later in the day.  A written note in his/her backpack or lunchbox can be a helpful reminder during the day.  If you have an unavoidable last minute change in plans, please call the office and they will attempt to deliver your message to your student. Please note however that the office is not always able to get messages to children before they leave, so please do not rely on this for regular communication.

    More information on communication available at the RUSD website HERE