• Reading FAQs

    What are book bags?
    • Book bags will often contain teacher selected leveled books specifically geared towards to the reading needs of the individual child.  
    • Book bags will sometimes come home with printable books made on copy paper.  These can stay home or stay in book bags for your student's reading pleasure.
    • Sometimes your student will be coming home with a book from a classroom bookshelf.  These are not leveled readers but a great book to read aloud at home! 
    • Most often the books will match your child's reading level, your child should be able to be read these books independently with practice.  
    • Help your child with the responsibility of bringing their book bag to school and home each day.
    • Help your student keep these books organized and safe! Many belong to me personally and the rest belong to our classroom library! It is important that they be returned. There will be a $15 fee for lost books. 

    My child's book bag books are too easy. 
    Although a book may seem 'easy,' your child maybe working on a specific skill. By allowing students to read accessible text, they can focus on deeper comprehension and fluency. Remember, your child may have already read this book in the classroom. We encourage you to read new books for interest and fun! If you think a book is too easy, make up some extension activities for your child that allow them to connect with the text. A great extension activity is asking questions: "What would you do if you were the character in the story? What will happen next?..." 

    My child's book bag books are too hard. 
    Students may be encouraged to select books of their choice to add to their book bags. These books may be challenging to read for students, but high interest.  If a book is too hard for your child, consider reading to or with them. Ask them questions about the words and pictures. Don't force your child to cover the pictures when reading. Using visual clues is a strategy we use in the classroom. Take the "hard" out of reading, keep it fun and light! Let's inspire a love of books and literature! 

    My child has memorized the book, they aren’t really reading. 
    Memorization is a part of the reading process. It establishes reading identity and confidence. Memorization also supports fluency and expression. Praise your child for efforts and gently encourage them to try unknown books as well. This is also a good time to practice finding a good fit book in your home or public library.

    My child has had the same books in their book bag for awhile.
    Teachers often rotate subject matter at their teaching group. There may be periods in the year where your child's books are not exchanged as frequently.  This is also a good time to practice finding a good fit book in your home or public library.