• First Day Tips

    Should I send my child on the bus on the first day of school? 

    Yes. Staff will be ready and waiting to greet your child. Please make sure that your child's bus pass is visible and safely attached to her/his backpack or tote.


    If I drive, walk, or bike with my child to school, what is the protocol for drop-off and pick-up?

    Drivers use the designated car line behind the school. Please note that there is absolutely no available parking on the school campus. Parents must use street parking. If you are on foot or bike, please drop off and pick up your child at the front gate. A gate supervisor will be directed to a pick up location.


    Can I walk my child on campus? 

    Yes. You may accompany your child on the playground before school on the first day of school. Beginning day two parents are asked to drop their children at the front gate. Yard supervisors will be onsite to welcome your children.

    Do I send my child to school with lunch on the first day of school?

    Yes. All students need to bring a lunch from home for the first 2 days of school. Send a lunch, after bottle, and a big snack for morning recess with your child. Please do not send food containing nuts. All students need to bring a lunch from home for the first couple of days of school. Choice Lunch will be available starting the first Monday of the school year.


    What should my child be sure to bring on the first day of school? 

    Snack, water bottle, and lunch All general school supplies will be provided. 


    What time does school start? 

    • Reed: Line up bell at 8:25, Classroom instruction begins at 8:30
    • Bel Aire: School begins at 8:00
    • Del Mar: School begins at 8:20


    What time does school end?

    • Reed: School ends at 2:40 M, T, Th, F and at 1:40 on Wednesdays.
    • Bel Aire: School ends at 2:35 M, T, Th, F and at 1:35 on Wednesdays.
    • Del Mar: School ends at 3:10 M, T, Th, F and at 2:05 on Wednesdays. 

    Please note that the first day of school is an early dismissal day. Reed ends at 1:40 & Bel Aire ends at 1:35.