• Field Trips

    TBD based on current Public Health guidelines for the 2021-22 school year. 


    Individual classes may take trips several times during the year. The teacher will notify parents/guardians of upcoming field trips. A permission slip must be completed by a parent/guardian and submitted to the school prior to each trip. Busses will be used for all field trips (unless it is a walking field trip). Parents may choose to drive their own child ONLY. Parents may be asked to chaperone on the bus and during the field trip.

    Chaperones MUST: 
    1.      Check in at the office to get their Volunteer Badge
    2.      Know their responsibility is to chaperone students at all times 

    Chaperones SHALL NOT:
    1.      Use cell phones for personal use on field trips
    2.      Bring siblings
    3.      Stop to run personal errands or buy/provide treats or food for children or selves

    Please Note:  Field trips work best when adults are active participants in the educational experience. Please keep adult socializing to a minimum.



    In order to comply with Ed Code and RUSD policy, parents who volunteer in a capacity in which there is not always a credentialed teacher present must be fingerprinted. This includes parents who volunteer to attend overnight field trips and parents who work with students during the school plays. You can find additional information in the Adult/Parent Visitors & Volunteers Page of this handbook.