• Emergency Preparedness & Student Release

    At Home

    • You and your children should have a plan for how students will be picked up from school
    • Go to the following radio stations for news updates, do not call schools:  
      • BEARS: 840 AM
      • KCBS: 740 AM
      • KGO: 810 AM

    At School

    • Staff will be deployed to their appointed position to ensure the safety of our children.
    • Students will be supervised and waiting in the pre-arranged assembly area on each campus.

    Student Release

    • In the unlikely event of a disaster release, a parent/guardian photo ID is required
    • Upon arriving to campus, parents will be directed to the Student Request Tables at your child’s school. 
    • ONLY authorized persons are allowed to pick up a student.
    • Staff runners will bring each student to the Reunification Area where he/she will be released to the parent or authorized person.