Drop Off and Pick-Up Procedures

  • Reed

    Morning Drop Off

    Parents may drop off their children in the morning at carline or the front gate beginning at 8:00. Children may not be dropped off at carline or front gate after volunteers close the gate. Carline ends promptly at 8:25. If you are still in carline when volunteers leave, find a safe place to park and walk your child to the front office.

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    Afternoon pick-up begins promptly at 2:40. Staff is on duty to supervise carline at the end of the day for 20 minutes. If parents do not pick up children within twenty minutes of dismissal, students will be escorted to the office and parents will be called. Please make every effort to be on time for pick-up every day.

    Additional Details


    K-2 drop-off/pick-up is in the painted zone on Kleinert Drive (The back entrance of the school.) Parents may not park in the staff parking lot or the front circle.  Street parking is available as well as in the public lot on the west side of Tiburon Boulevard. 

    Car Line Etiquette & Protocols: In order to facilitate carline, please follow the procedures outlined below:

    • Drivers should not get out to open car doors
    • Cell phone use is prohibited
    • Cars MUST have appropriate and visible signage as provided by the school
    • Staff Will direct cars with appropriate signage to one of the five colored sections of the sidewalk
    • Students will be asked to stand with siblings and any other children with whom they are carpooling (please help remind your child to do this)
    • Drivers without appropriate signage must park on Lyford and go into the office. Office staff will check ID and provide a temporary sign so that the driver may return to Car Line. 


    The bus stop is located in the front traffic circle by the Reed School Office.  Children line up on campus and are escorted by a staff member when the bus arrives. 

    Walking to School

    Your child should cross ONLY at the corners or under the guidance of a crossing guard.  K-2 parents who walk on campus to pick up their children must wait at the front gate. Parents must have their Parent ID Card so that Reed staff may quickly match children and parents. If a parent forgets his/her Parent ID Card, he/she will be required to go into the office for clearance. Parent cooperation with this policy is much appreciated.

  • Bel Aire

    Morning Drop Off

    Drop off begins at 7:45 am at "the bottom of the hill" on Karen Way. Children are not allowed on campus prior to morning supervision. The best route to follow: Blackfield --> Cecilia--> Leland --> Karen to ease congestion and prevent children from crossing the street in front of vehicles on Karen Way.  Children should cross at the crosswalk and walk bikes across the street. Bike riders must wear helmets and walk their bikes up and down the hill to school. 

    Afternoon Pick-Up

    Afternoon Pick Up begins at 2:35 (1:35 on Wednesdays). Supervision after school ends at 2:50 (1:50 on Wednesdays). Please designate a meeting place away from classrooms. If you are staying in your car at the bottom of the hill, your child will wait with the crossing guard at the bottom of the hill until you pull up in line. If you are walking up the hill to meet your child, please designate a spot in front of the school. We suggest the green gate, lower playground, upper steps, office wall, etc.  It is important that you do not wait outside the classroom as it disrupts the routine. After-school supervision at the bottom of the hill ends at 2:55 and 1:55 on Wednesdays.

    Additional Details

    Parking and Use of Driveway

    Please note that the Bel Aire School driveway is closed to all but school traffic during the day. Parking for parents/visitors is ALWAYS at the bottom of the hill.  Parking is limited, and we do not have enough spaces for all permanent and part-time staff. 

    Supervision Before & After School

    Students are not allowed on campus prior to the start of morning supervision at 7:45 am.  After school supervision ends at 2:50 (1:50 on Wednesdays).  Children who have not been picked up are brought back up to the school office.  At that time, adults who pick up the student must be authorized on the student release form and may be asked to show photo ID.

    Respecting our Neighborhood

    Please be sensitive to the concerns of our neighbors and discuss with your children the importance of respecting neighborhood property.  Please do not allow your children (or your four-legged children) to walk or play on neighbors’ private property, including the front yard and driveway. Please set a good example for your children by following these guidelines yourself.

    Walking & Biking to School

    Children should cross at the crosswalk and walk bikes across the street.  Bike riders must wear helmets and walk their bikes up and down the hill to school.  All wheeled devices are to be walked until off school property.