• Adult/Parent Visitors & Volunteers

    Following current Public Health guidelines, Reed campus is closed to non-essential visitors/volunteers during the 2021-22 school year. The information below is not applicable at this time.

    Parent Volunteer Opportunities

    Classroom volunteer opportunities should be coordinated through your child’s teacher. All visitors and volunteers MUST sign in and get a Visitor’s Badge at the office prior to entering a classroom and must sign out in the office upon leaving the school. 

    Additional opportunities are coordinated through the PTA and include: classroom support, carline, chaperoning on field trips, School Site Council, library support, hot lunch, recess support, assemblies, book fair, yearbook, campus gardens, and special events. Please note: The District Insurance Carrier mandates that all volunteers sign in and out at the school office.

    Expectations for Volunteers

    • Please turn off and put away your phones and other electronic devices
    • Be flexible – remember you are there to help the teacher
    • Remember that it is not your responsibility to discipline students
    • Be reliable and on time
    • ​Understand that the teacher will not have time to chat with you
    • Refrain from gossip: what happens in the classroom stays in the classroom
    • Have fun!

    Bringing Siblings or Other Children

    No children other than registered RUSD students (including siblings) are permitted to attend classes at any time due to liability and immunization regulations. 

    Fingerprinting for Parent Volunteers

    In order to comply with Ed Code and RUSD policy, parents who volunteer in a capacity in which there is not always a credentialed teacher present, must be fingerprinted. This includes parents who volunteer to attend overnight field trips and parents who work with students during the school plays. 

    To complete the fingerprinting process, please contact Kathy Bauer by email (kbauer@reedschools.org) at the district office for the required fingerprinting form. You can be fingerprinted at one of the following locations:

    • Marin City Sheriff Department
    • Tiburon Police Station
    • Sheriff's Department - San Rafael/Terra Linda