• Del Mar Golf

    General Information

    Del Mar Middle School participates in the Marin County Golf League which is based out of McInnis Park in San Rafael. The season runs from Daylight Savings until Memorial day and is geared toward serious and experienced golfers, not recreation athletes. Sign ups and try outs begin in February and once the team of 10 is decided, they will practice 2 days a week, with one being on the Wednesday, match day, and the other being on the weekend, each week until the season begins. Once the season begins, Wednesday will be for matches and some practice and Saturday or Sunday will be a practice day. Wednesday matches will start around 3:45pm and usually take around 2 hours to complete with time on the range and on the course.

    The league is for serious golfers and is “parent driven,” meaning that parents will be expected to arrange for their child to make it to matches and practice at McInnis park on Match days and possibly weekends. Athletes are expected to work on their game between matches and to attend all practice and match days.  Parents are also expected to “Marshall” at least one match per season. 

    Youth On Course

    This is a resource available to young golfers in the area, that allows them to pay a $15 yearly membership fee to register and play golf at a discounted rate.This is available to any young player, not just our team.

    More information can be found at  the following link.

    2019 Player Evaluation, Regular Season Matches and Practice

    Boys and Girls Coach: Dean Rider

    Evaluation days

    In order to be a part of the team a player needs to have attended an evaluation session with the Coach and be a part of the top 10 players trying out. Evaluation will consist of hitting a bucket or two of balls at the range. Swing and technique will be looked at and assessed to figure out our10 players for the season.

    Evaluation days are: Wednesday, February 6th and February 13th 2:30-4:00pm at McInnis Park.

    Matches and Practice days

    This season will begin the week of March 11 and run through May 22. Our matches will be played on Wednesdays starting at 3:45pm and usually take 2 hours and practice will either be on Saturdays or Sundays at the discretion of the coach.