Dear 8th Grade Families,

    The public high schools in our area (Redwood, Tam, Drake) offer high quality education, leading to admission to excellent colleges and universities. We understand some students and families, however, may prefer that their children gain admission to private schools. Please note: it takes valuable staff and teacher time to write recommendations and process applications. Please apply to a private school only if your child is seriously considering attending.

    To help us process your applications most efficiently, please get all required documents and information to Laurie Kristy in the school office no later than November 12th. Teachers generally begin writing recommendations in late November, not before, and we do not send any transcripts until 1st trimester grades are completed. 

    The required documents we need include: a complete list of schools your child is applying to, names of teachers who you’d like to write each recommendation (generally the CURRENT math and english teacher and the ADVISOR), any common application platform information, such as whether the school uses Ravenna, Gateway, etc., plus the “Private School Response Form” (attached HERE and copied below and finally we ask for a $50 donation per application (check payable to "RUSD" or donate by Schoolpay using this LINK) to help us offset costs incurred to compensate teachers for their extra time writing recommendations on your child's behalf.  
    Your child's private high school application process begins at the Del Mar school office. Please then encourage students to demonstrate the courtesy of speaking directly to or emailing teachers to request and thank them for writing a recommendation on their behalf. It should be noted that we have the student's ADVISOR write the "Principal/Counselor" recommendation, NOT the principal or the assistant principal. Please note this important information prior to plugging in names/emails into the application, so you don’t have to change it later.

    Please also note that board policy states that any school visit is considered an unexcused absence from Del Mar. Students will need to keep up with any missed work. If you have any questions, please contact Laurie Kristy at lkristy@reedschools.org. 

    In summary, if your child is applying to any private school, Del Mar requires:

    -COMPLETED RESPONSE SHEET. See attached. Please list schools (including MC, SI, any boarding school or private school) and their application protocol (Ravenna, Gateway, Bay Area Common App etc.), plus teacher recommender names (Remember: ADVISORS write the “principal/counselor" recs, NOT our principal)

    -Donation check to “RUSD” of $50 per application platform (or Schoolpay LINK) to cover extra costs.

    Additional information from Dr. Gold is linked HERE.

    With thanks, Brian Lynch and the Del Mar Office


    For students applying to private high schools.

    Response form: Also attached as a PDF and available HERE.