• Potential Parcel Tax Measure

    Existing Local School Funding

    Since 1990, the communities of Belvedere, Tiburon and portions of Corte Madera have had a local parcel tax that provides locally-controlled funding for RUSD schools. This funding has helped to maintain a high level of reading, writing, math and science instruction, retain high quality teachers and minimize increases to class sizes. Maintaining class sizes as small as possible helps teachers provide the individualized attention students need to excel. Today the parcel tax generates $2.3 million annually and accounts for 10% of the District’s annual budget.

    Potential Local Renewal Measure

    To continue a local source of funding, the RUSD School Board is considering placing a renewal measure on the ballot this November. This measure could renew our existing tax rate and structure at $589 with a 3% annual increase per parcel per year. This measure could fund the equivalent of 23 teachers and prevent cuts to educational programs. All funds would continue to stay local to support RUSD schools and no funds could support administrator salaries.

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