Executive Summary


We live in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex society with unprecedented quantities of information for consideration. In order to live productively in the 21st century, our students need skills in critical thinking, problem solving, decision-making,communication and collaboration. We need to engage our students through relevant, timely and meaningful activities. We cannot limit them just to the knowledge available to them within their classroom; they need to explore and interact with the global society of which they are a part.

Technologies of all kinds are pervasive in the lives of students in RUSD. The incredible resource that is the Web is changing much about what we can do with our curricula and our students. The classroom is no longer restricted to four physical walls, and it is becoming a truly collaborative space in which to learn. Every student is a contributor of knowledge to the world. This networked classroom is a more complicated place for teachers, but it’s also one filled with incredible potential for learning.

At the heart of our technology vision is the Millennial Classroom Project,adopted by Reed Union School District, two years ago. The Project focuses on giving each student in the middle school, Del Mar, a laptop for use at school and at home, i.e. twenty-four seven accessibility to technology. The District Board has recently authorized extending the Project to the fifth grade students beginning in the Fall 2007, with the difference that students will each use a laptop while at Bel Aire; laptops will not go home.

This technology plan provides a guide for helping students develop skills,knowledge and insights necessary to meet rigorous content standards and make a successful transition to the world beyond school. The district plan will serve as a framework within which technology-enriched curriculum will support learning objectives and boost student achievement.

The Reed Union District technology plan has been written in order to meet certification requirements of the California Department of Education and has a three-year duration. This plan has been developed, not only to set future directions for the use of technology in teaching and learning, but also to help the school District qualify for District e-Rate benefits and potential State and Federal funding through educational technology grants. Having a current State-certified technology plan qualifies us to receive Federal Formula funding under the Enhancing Education Through Technology (EETT) grant and future grants such as ATTAIN (Achievement Through Technology and Innovation), which is scheduled to replace the current Title II D grant.

District Overview


The Reed Union School District (RUSD)is an elementary district serving the southern Marin communities of Belvedere,Tiburon and a portion of East Corte Madera. The three school sites are located in Tiburon: Reed School (K-2), Bel Aire School (Grades 3-5); and Del Mar Middle School (Grades 6-8). District enrollment is approximately 1,086 students. RUSD graduates attend high school in the Tamalpais Union High School District, as well as private schools in Marin County and San Francisco.

Reed Union School District has a strong tradition of community involvement and participation in the education of its children. Parents are viewed as partners in the educational and decision-making process. Reed Schools Foundation is a nonprofit community group dedicated to enhancing the educational program in the District. The Reed School Foundation provided funding last year of over $1million, which covers the cost of District programs, including technology and purchase of computers, physical education, Spanish, art and performing arts.

Reed Union School District’s 2007 Academic Performance Index (API) scores continue to be some of the best scores in the State. A school’s API is a number that ranges from 200 to 1000 and is calculated from the results for each school’s students on last spring’s STAR test. The state has set 800 as the API target for all schools to meet. The District had an API score of 932 for 2007 and is ranked in the 10th decile for the state. Most students scored proficient or above in Language Arts (87.6%) and in Math (87.5%) in 2007.



District Strategic Goals


  1. We will create a culture where everyone is safe, respected and valued.
  2. We will build educational experiences that are academically challenging, emotionally supportive and inspiring for each individual.
  3. We will attract, support and retain dedicated, exceptional teachers, administrators and support staff.
  4. We will motivate our children to make healthy personal choices, to make responsible social decisions, and to become contributing global citizens.
  5. We will ensure open communication to enhance and strengthen partnerships among staff, families, and community.
  6. We will ensure continuous, sufficient resources to support our goals.

For each goal, the Technology Master Plan outlines the concrete objectives that will effectively support the Reed Union School District Mission. The plan identifies a need and a method for routine review and revision of the plan itself—and the related site plans—to ensure continuing alignment of technology with curriculum development and the District's Mission.